Getting Started with Your History Project


WHY do you want your company’s story told? This is a question that should not be taken lightly, as it will guide the outcome of the history project. One of the most important aspects of WHY is determining WHO will the audience be.

Potential reasons WHY to invest in a company history project:

  • You are proud of the company’s longevity and success and want to share that story with others.
  • You’re getting ready to celebrating a major company milestone/anniversary.
  • You want to educate customers and/or suppliers about your roots and the benefits of doing business with your company.
  • You want to strengthen/enhance employee loyalty by articulating the roots of your company’s culture and demonstrating the benefits of working with you.
  • You need a core, foundational document to ensure consistent, brand-savvy messaging across all marketing platforms.
  • You’re considering selling your company and want a comprehensive corporate profile to support the sale.

WHO is/are the target audience(s) for your story?

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Investors
  • The general public
  • All of the above?


Together, we identify WHAT format best suits your needs. Depending on the WHY and the WHO, as well as on timing and budget, the format could be one of several options:

  • Beautiful, professionally designed print book
  • Illustrated e-book
  • CEO/Founder memoir
  • Case study/corporate profile
  • Booklet or brochure
  • Timeline (static or interactive online)

WHAT your story might highlight:

  • The founders – the beginning of your story
  • Social, economic environment at the time
  • Pathways to growth
  • Challenges overcome
  • Defining moments, greatest achievements
  • Corporate culture
  • Innovation
  • Memorable anecdotes
  • Customer and employee insights
  • Next-gen leadership
  • Future promise
  • All that makes your history personal, powerful and unique!

HOW – Every project begins with four key steps:

  1. Together, we identify the motivation and target audience(s) and consider desired format(s).
  2. We meet with you, via conference call or in-person visit, to discuss and help shape the ultimate vision, preferred format and preferred timing for your project.
  3. We create a customized proposal, defining project parameters, budget and schedule estimates.
  4. You provide feedback on the proposal, which we revise as necessary and re-submit for your final approval and signature.

Now we get to work researching and shaping your story. Our process includes interviews with key people and research into archives to enrich the story. We provide you with the information we need, which helps you to identify people who should be interviewed. All interviews are recorded and professionally transcribed. We work with you to acquire photos and other artwork to enhance the text.

We provide you with a detailed outline of what the final product will look like. We also create a schedule, to include regular reviews and check-ins with your designated point person, to ensure the project is on target and true to your vision every step of the way.

The format you choose as well as the depth of information gathering required will dictate the length of time to completion and the budget required.


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