Curtze Food Service: 139 Years and Still Delivering

On its website, Curtze Food Service celebrates its long history of service. It’s a long and rich history, indeed. Back in 1878, founder Charles August Curtze began delivering goods to oil and lumber camps in Pennsylvania. Both oil and lumber were in great demand for a fast-growing America and the camps employed large numbers of hungry workers.  In addition to gunpowder and other supplies, Curtze delivered food staples to the camps and to nearby retail merchants.

The Curtze family has since built its Erie, Pa.-based business into a regional broadline distribution company servicing customers in eight states. It operates three distribution centers, has more than 150 sales consultants and a fleet of more than 125 trucks. Fresh meats and seafood are custom-cut in federally inspected on-site processing facilities. Fresh produce, including many locally grown seasonal items, has become a calling card as has a full line of in-stock E&S items.

Under fifth-generation leadership, the company continues to thrive and to differentiate itself in part by honoring Mr. Curtze’s original goal and enduring business principle: “Total Customer Satisfaction.” When you’ve been around for 139 years in an industry that has changed and consolidated as much as foodservice distribution has, you’ve learned a thing or two about the art of customer satisfaction.

Kudos to the Curtze family for making sure its past continues to inform its future.

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