iFD People: Bob Goldin – Pentallect, Chicago

We highlight heritage, people and progress through our corporate history writing services. We’ve designed iFD People as a series to introduce foodservice distribution leaders, sales stars and others who have made or are making history in the industry. We offer insights into what makes iFD People tick. Who are their role models? What books are they reading? How would they describe themselves in one word? Here is our third profile in the series.

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Bob Goldin has a new gig as co-founder and partner at Pentallect Inc.  The Chicago-based consulting firm specializes in emerging and specialty food industry segments and channels, including club stores/cash-and-carry, consumer- and business-direct, specialty distribution, nontraditional retail and ethnic markets.

For many years, Bob was vice chairman at Technomic Inc. He headed the firm’s research and consulting practice and created and directed major programs including Volumix, iLAB, Long-Term Forecasting, Distributor Intelligence Report and the Foodservice Category Management Institute.

He created the Foodservice Essentials training program in cooperation with the International Foodservice Distributors Association, which has been responsible for onboarding many people new to the industry. He cut his teeth in distribution at CFS Continental.

People may not know that Bob is also a certified public accountant. He has a BA and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

What are you most proud of in your career?
To have had a platform and support system at Technomic and Pentallect that enable me to provide my perspectives and analysis of the industry and to interact with industry leaders.

When you think of icons in the industry, who comes to mind first?
BG: John Woodhouse and John Baugh. I’d also include Howard Schultz on the list. And, as did everyone who knew him, I adored Sam Bailin.

Who are your role models?
BG: Ron Paul, who was a great mentor and boss at Technomic in addition to being a true industry guru.

What books or other reading matter are on your bedside table right now?
BG: I have a fully loaded Kindle to accommodate my eclectic reading tastes. Right now I am plowing through “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates, “Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow and “Hillbilly Elegy” by J.D. Vance. I also recently discovered George Saunders, whose short stories amaze me.

If you could time travel to another point in history, when would it be?
BG: I’d love to relive my formative years, knowing then what I know now.

If you could come back as a particular person or thing, who/what would that be?
BG: It probably sounds a bit crass, but I sure wouldn’t mind coming back as Frank Sinatra.

What three people, living or dead, would you like to have dinner with?
BG: Jeff Bezos, John F. Kennedy, Louis Armstrong

How would you describe yourself in one word?
BG: Candid

What’s one dramatic change that you predict we’ll see in within the next 10 years?
BG: Massive improvements in health care, with Big Data and technology having a huge positive impact on prevention, treatment and overall outcomes.

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