Amazon in Talks to Buy Sysco?

Now that would be an attention-getting headline! Trouble is, it would also be fake news (at least as far as we know).

Our point is how easy it is to spread “alternative facts.” All it takes is a post on social media, particularly if it has information about famous people or, in this case, an industry leader.

Can this happen to your company? Yes, very easily. Unfortunately, there are people who use social media to spread fake news either as an underhanded competitive tactic or just because they feel like doing it.

How can you preempt being a victim of fake news? Tell the real news first and often. You know the real story of your company: what it stands for, how it has grown, the values on which it was founded, where it is headed. Your brand’s story should play an integral role in how you go to market, how you build relationships with customers, suppliers and the community. It should also be part of your consistent messaging to employees, who can be effective and credible advocates in the event that a fake news story breaks and gains traction.

Developing and communicating your company’s story is not just a feel-good exercise, it’s a critical business strategy. Your story is your promise and your biggest point of difference. Let’s face it: All broadline distributors today have essentially the same products, pricing and services. But you have something no other company has — your own unique, very real story. Don’t wait to start telling it.


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