Are You an Industry Insider? Take Our Jargon Quiz to Find Out.

To be an insider in any industry is to speak the lingo. Foodservice is no exception.  From manufacturers to distributors to operators, the use of jargon abounds. It’s convenient. It provides a quicker way to communicate. Referring to an acronym is far more convenient than pronouncing all the consonants and vowels that it stands for.

But, what if you are not an insider? Industry terms and acronyms can be stumbling blocks to those who haven’t yet learned the lingo. This can be an unrecognized aspect of onboarding. We are here to help. We have put together a list of terms and acronyms that are commonly used every day in the foodservice arena.

How much of an industry insider are you? Take our quick jargon quiz to find out and then go to to find the correct definitions and our full “dictionary” of foodservice insider terms and acronyms.

Test Your Insider Status

Take our quick quiz to see how many of the terms and acronyms on the list below can you define?

  1. Agency
  2. CRM
  3. Cutting
  4. Daypart
  5. DSR
  6. FSMA
  7. GPO
  8. iFD
  9. LTL
  10. MOH
  11. Monkey dish
  12. OS&D
  13. RCA
  14. Re-Di
  15. WFF

Check your answers here. If you scored:

  • 15 — You’re a true industry insider!
  • 10-14 — You’re prepared to easily converse with industry colleagues.
  • 5-9 — You need to brush up on the lingo.
  • 1-4 — You’re either very new or haven’t been paying attention.

NOW, please let us know in a reply/comment (using box below) how you did, AND if you know of any key industry terms or acronyms we’ve missed in the full list on our site. We’ll make sure they get added.


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