iFD: Insider Terms & Acronyms


Term or acronym Definition
AFDR Association of Foodservice Distributor Representatives
Agency Another term for a brokerage
AUV Average unit volume (see “unit”), or average revenue generated per year by a single unit in a restaurant chain
BOGO Buy one, get one (free)
BOH Back of the house, in a restaurant, i.e., the kitchen
BSR Broker sales representative
Cash and Carry Also, cash ‘n’ carry, a distributor-owned store open to the public that carries foodservice-sized items
Catch weight Cases or SKUs that can vary by weight and are priced accordingly
COP Also C-O-P. Center of the plate: the entrée
Check average On average, how much a party spends in a restaurant per visit. A critical analysis statistic for restaurants to gauge sales
COEX Chain Operators’ Exchange, an annual conference sponsored by IFMA
Coop Cooperative, a distributor group owned collectively by its individual distributor members
Cross-dock Unloading products from one truck and immediately reloading onto another one without storing in the warehouse
CRM Customer relationship management system, a database to store information about customers
CSR Customer service representative, also called an Inside Sales Rep (ISR)
CSR Consultative sales representative, another term for DSR
Cutting The act of demonstrating one product against a competitive product. Originally from the meat industry, where meat was actually cut for demonstration, but now any product comparison
CWT Hundredweight, i.e., 100 pounds, usually used in reference to livestock and cereal grain weights
Daypart A meal occasion in restaurants defined by the “part of the day,” i.e., breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, late night; a way for restaurants to analyze and plan for their business
DC Distribution center or warehouse
DMA Distribution Market Advantage, a group of regional distributors that serves multi-unit operators nationally
DSC Distributor sales consultant, another term for DSR
DSM District sales manager
DSR Distributor sales representative
86 In kitchen lingo, 86 means to stop offering a particular menu item, or a particular item is sold out (i.e., We 86ed the liver.)
F.A.B. Frosty Acres Brands, a distributor marketing and purchasing group
FOH Front of house, the public-access part of a restaurant
FSMA Food Safety Modernization Act, laws enacted by Congress concerning food safety
FSMA Foodservice Sales and Marketing Agency, an association of brokers
GPO Group Purchasing Organization, an entity created to leverage the combined buying power of its members
GS1 Global standards, an organization responsible for supply-chain and barcode standards
House A restaurant
iFD Inside Foodservice Distribution, dedicated to capturing the history of the industry, one company at a time
IFDA International Foodservice Distributors Association
IFMA International Foodservice Manufacturers Association
IMA Independent Marketing Alliance, an alliance, i.e., marketing and purchasing group, of six regional independent distributors
IQF Individually quick frozen
ISR Inside sales representative, also called a customer service representative (CSR)
LTL Less than truckload or less than trailerload
MA Marketing associate, another term for DSR
MOH Middle of the house: counter service areas in fast-food restaurants
Monkey dish Small dish used in foodservice kitchens to hold ingredients; also used in the front of the house for condiments
Multi-unit Refers to a restaurant company that has a number of units, i.e. chains
Multi-unit operator Person or company operating a multi-unit chain
MUFSO Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators, a conference sponsored by Nation’s Restaurant News
NACUFS National Association of College and University Food Services
NRA National Restaurant Association
NAFEM North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers
NFI National Fisheries Institute
Operator A restaurateur, restaurant or foodservice institution, i.e., the end-user in the foodservice supply chain
OS&D Overages, shorts and damages: relating to orders
POS Point of Sale: different from a retail POS, it is a sales tool for reps to use giving product benefits and how to sell
Principals Used interchangeably in the broker world as the owners of the brokerage or the manufacturers they represent
PMA Produce Marketing Association
PSM Program sales manager
QSR Quick-serve restaurant, fast-food restaurant or the segment of the industry
RCA Research Chefs Association
Re-Di Redistribution; redistributors purchase products from manufacturers and distribute them to other distributors that only require a LTL amount of the product
SKU Stock keeping unit, a coding system for individual items in inventory
SNA School Nutrition Association
SHFM Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management
Store Term for a single unit, or individual restaurant, in a chain
Street business Independent restaurant, non-contract business; a.k.a. “street accounts”
Table turns The number of times new customers are seated during a particular daypart
TA Territory associate, another term for DSR
#10 Number 10, a standard foodservice-sized can, measuring 6 1/8” in diameter and 7” high, usually holding between 96 and 110 ounces of volume
TM Territory manager, another term for DSR (used by US Foods)
TSM Territory sales manager
Ti-Hi Tier height, i.e., the number of layers of products in a pallet
12/5s and 6/5s Number of units in a case, followed by the weight, such as five pounds per unit
Unit An individual restaurant location within a chain
Vac-Pac Vacuum packed
WFF Women’s Foodservice Forum