the team

iFD is the brainchild of Caroline Perkins and Dana Tanyeri, long-time chroniclers of the foodservice distribution industry. They’re award-winning writers and editors who spent many years at ID – The Voice of Foodservice Distribution, when it was the premier trade publication serving the industry. They have contributed to many leading foodservice industry information sources, from IFDA and Technomic, to Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, restaurant development & design and Restaurant Business magazines. Caroline has written a book about B2B sales based on her interviews with foodservice distributor sales reps, called Customer Care & Feeding: The Ultimate B2B Selling Strategy. Katherine Allen, who served as ID magazine’s art director for many years, shares their passion for the industry and now brings iFD to life as the iFD art director and graphic designer.

carolineCAROLINE PERKINS was the editor-in-chief of ID magazine for nine years, writing about company and individual stories of success. She was instrumental in the founding of AFDR (Association of Foodservice Distributor Reps) as well as the IFMA annual distributor awards. She has been a frequent speaker at industry events and has written for a number of foodservice publications. She was co-creator and editor of the Technomic Distributor Intelligence Report for 11 years. She was honored with the 2016 IFMA Presidents Award for her contributions to the industry. Caroline is now focusing on the history of foodservice distribution, both through individual distributor stories and the industry as a whole.

“After 20 plus years writing about foodservice distribution, I guess I’m a de facto historian of the industry. The people in the industry and their stories are fascinating. I have found foodservice distribution to be unique in having company histories that go back to the 19th century. I don’t know of another industry that has third, fourth – and even fifth – generation family members running the majority of companies in business. These are stories that should not be lost. While distributors need to focus on the future to survive, future success is informed by past history. Knowing where you came from – the corporate culture, the business ethos, the turning points that fostered growth – will help to build a solid strategy for the future.”


DANA TANYERI took her first steps inside foodservice distribution in October of 1986, when she accepted an offer to join the editorial team at ID -The Voice of Foodservice Distribution. She covered the industry at ID for nearly 15 years, along the way touring warehouses from coast to coast, doing countless ride-alongs, and telling the stories of distribution’s best, brightest and most innovative companies, sales stars and leaders. She later continued covering foodservice distribution as executive editor of Technomic’s Distributor Intelligence Report, providing news coverage and industry insights for 10 years, as well as contributing to special reports such as the Technomic Power Distributor study. And, to really find out where the rubber meets the road she co-owned and -operated an independent restaurant for 20 years, where she learned that great distributor sales reps and drivers are, indeed, a restaurant operator’s best friends. She’s currently a contributing editor to restaurant development + design and Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazines and has also written for Restaurant Business and ID Access.


KATHERINE ALLEN worked with Caroline and Dana at ID magazine. She was responsible for its editorial look as well as the ID branded products. While at Nielsen Business Publications, (ID’s former parent company), Allen also worked as an editorial art director and marketing service creative director for many of its publications.

“I loved getting to know the back story of the foodservice distribution industry and getting to meet the  players, from ceos to the forklift operators. Traveling around the country to art direct ID‘s features and special issues was not only interesting but lots of fun!”